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      JHMC has the license to manufacture all kinds of metal structures, such as radial gates, trash racks, sliding gates, and fixed wheel gates, etc. JHMC can produce 100000t metal structures. For the welding process, the ISO3834-2 international welding quality system and ASME boiler and pressure vessel welding standard are strictly certified and followed. The metal structures are being sold to more than 30 countries around the world. Among them, the deep spilway radial gates of the Three Gorges HPP in China were praised as the "national outstanding welding works", the reverse radial gates are still the largest ang most difficult hydropower metal gate in the world, and the gates for ship lock are commented as "The highest level of steel structure" by the hydropower experts. The radial gate of Xiaowan Hydropower Station in China are considered as the world's highest water head radial gates. With 50 years of professional experience, most of JHMC metal structures are the typical ones in both precision and strength.
Radial gate
Trash rack
Sliding gate
Fixed wheel gate

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