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From the 1990s, basing on domestic market, JHMC started international business and was one of the first 'going abroad' companies in the industry. In 1998, JHMC (previously JHMW) obtained the right of self-export, and then the products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world, such as Denmark, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ivory Coast, Chile, Pakistan, Congo, Ethiopia, Angola, Laos, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, etc. After nearly two decades of practice in the international market, JHMC can design, manufacture, transport and install the hydraulic steel structures, various of cranes and hoists, high quality of electrical & mechanical equipments.

Radial Gate and Hydraulic Hoist for Ghazi Barotha HPP in Pakistan

Stoplog Installation underwater 110m in Tarbela 4th Extension HPP in Pakistan

Gantry Crane of Laja Project in Chile

Gantry Crane for Son La HPP in Vietnam

6000kN Hydraulic Hoist for Neelum & Jeelum HPP in Pakistan

500kN Hydraulic Hoist of Radial Gate in Ghazi Barotha HPP of Pakistan

2500/600kN Hydraulic Hoist for Radial Gate of Merowe Dam in Sudan

Radial Gate for Son La HPP in Vietnam

Spillway Radial Gate for Lei Reventazon HPP in Costa Rico

Caission Gate of Kazakhstan

Fixed wheel gate for Mica HPP in Canada

Spillway Stoplog for Muskrat HPP in Canada

3600kN Winch Hoist for Murum HPP in Malaysia

Spillway Radial Gate of Lei Reventazon HPP in Costa Rico

Emergency Gate for Bottom Outlet of Son La HPP in Vietnam

Intake Fixed Wheel Gate of Angostura HPP in Chile

Monitoring and Centralized Control System for Pakistan

Remote Monitoring System (FAT) for Taunsa Barrage in Pakistan

Electrical Control System for Matala HPP in Angola

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