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Sinohydro Jiajiang Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as JHMC, previously JHMW) belongs to Sinohydro Bureau 7 Co.,Ltd. Founded in 1966, JHMC was mainly engaged in the hydropower business, to design, manufacture, transport and install all kinds of super large gates and hoists, ship lifts, cable cranes and other electrical & mechanical equipment. JHMC is one of the technology intensive large-scale specialized manufacturing enterprise. JHMC is the national 'observing contract and valuing credit' enterprisse, the national machinery industry key enterprises,  the country's 100 largest metal products enterprises, the largest metal products 10 enterprises of Sichuan Province, a major technology and equipment industry chain enterprises, 'Jiajiang hydraulic' trademark for ten consecutive years in Sichuan Province being prized as the famous brand. After fifty years of development, with Chengdu metal structure R&D center and Jiajiang, Tibet, Linzhi, Pengshan, Pakistan four professional manufacturing bases, total assets of 735000000 yuan, more than 1200 employees, covers an area of 470000 square meters, the production of more than 1100 sets of testing equipment, with mechanical processing, heat treatment, welding, assembly, testing and packaging and delivery of 60000 tons of advanced production equipment and annual capacity of tons of metal structure. JHMC has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO3834-2 international welding system and the United States ASME boiler and pressure vessel welding standards. JHMC adhere to the independent innovation of science and technology and the combination of production, study and research technology development concept, forming a powerful integrated technology innovation system, is a state-level high-tech enterprises, Sichuan Province was identified as the enterprise technology center, has won state patents, 23, part of the products obtained national science conference award, the National Invention Award, National Prize for progress in science and technology, state-level key new products above the provincial level more than 20 items of honor.

Companies adhering to the "self-improvement, the courage to go beyond the" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the management idea of "science, innovation, efficiency, integrity,", and produced more than 40 million tons of metal structure and more than 4000 sets of special electromechanical equipment for domestic and international more than 100 large and medium-sized hydropower station, become the main force in the hydropower industry, and achieved good results in the field of railway, petroleum, wind machine, coal and other products manufacturing and maintenance services, mechanical and electrical installation.

Depth development in domestic hydropower manufacturing industry, making many typical products for China's Yangtze River, Yellow River, the Yalong River, the Jinsha River, red river, Lancang River Valley, which for Xiluodu hydropower station design making the world weight capacity of the largest gantry crane and bear the biggest pressure of radial gate.For the radial gate of Xiaowan Hydropower Station for the production of the world's highest head gate.Draft tune gate and spilway arc gate for Three Gorge,these six production project won the "national outstanding welding engineering",which is the world's largest and most difficult to produce the highest level of hydraulic metal gate, which is called "the highest level of steel structure of the ship lock system".Yantan Hydropower Station of manufacturing the 250 ton vertical shiplift is academicians, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president of Pan Jiazheng known as "China's proud machine".Company is one of the earliest companies out of the water industry, in 1998, was self import and export rights, 1999 was listed as the national machinery products export production base, products are exported to Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Pakistan, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Sultan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and other more than 20 countries, forming a design, manufacturing, installation and integration of mechanical and electrical equipment and metal components of the leading edge, Jiajiang hydraulic brand in the domestic and foreign influence significantly.

Looking to the future, the company proposed "3+1" ("3" is the three business segments, including traditional hydropower and its extended business, international engineering business and non hydropower business; "1" is the business core, that is, general and special equipment manufacturing business. Business development ideas, efforts to create a professional lead, innovation and development of quality and efficiency of equipment manufacturing enterprises. Hard way, the journey is far, Jiajiang hydraulic will uphold self-improvement, the courage to go beyond the spirit of enterprise, social friends from all walks of life win-win cooperation hand in hand together to create a better future!

JHMC H/Q Building in Sichuan of China

Jiajang Base in Sichuan of China

Pengshan Base in Sichuan of China

Linzhi Base in Tibet of China

Product classification
International business
Gantry crane and overhead crane products
Hoist products
Metal structure products
Ship lift
Cable crane
Non hydropower business
Electrical equipment installation and commissioning
After sales and maintenance services
Structure and equipment installation
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